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With an extensive irrigation project planning portfolio comprised of projects ranging from 0.1-acres to 25,000 acres in size, Hines has tested strategies for planning your next self-sustaining project.

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Our mechanical systems form the backbone of your water storage, transfer & irrigation delivery system. Efficient design means more of your budget is retained for implementation in other key areas of your project.

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A Hines design is distinctive, based on a proprietary engineering process. Great design leads to significant cost savings during construction & provides the tools to balance site irrigation water use in accordance with conservation goals and plant water requirements.

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Mar 13, 2012

Carbondale 3rd Street Library

Hines is very excited to work with DHM - Carbondale & Sopris Engineering on Carbondale's new 3rd Street Library project.  We love the opportunity to develop an alternative water source for the library & adjacent school landscaping, thus easing the burden on municipal potable water… Keep Reading

Dec 08, 2010

Snake River Landing is a Winner

The integration of water into the landscape is a key element for the Gold Award for Outstanding Landscape Project in Idaho Falls.  Proper upfront planning of water feature mechanical systems & landscape irrigation water use was instrumental in engineering a comprehensive approach to efficient site… Keep Reading

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Mar 22, 2012

Hines Sponsors Local Mountain Bike Team

Hines is a sponsor for the Northern Colorado Grassroots mountain bike team! The Fort Collins-based team promotes trail stewardship, giving back to the community, and having a good time. Our very own Nate Hines is riding for the team this year.  Besides scoping the team on the trails, you can find them kicking back at Equinox Brewing, one of the team's co-sponsor, or lending their hands to trail rehabilitation projects in the area. Additionally, you will find them cleaning house at a number of races throughout the western US.  With our ties to Northern Colorado Grassroots, you can expect to see a lot more ecology, bikes, & beer from Hines.    Keep Reading

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An interesting aspect of quantum physics is the predictable, but very different, behavior of a sub-atomic  particle that is being observed from that of a particle NOT being observed.  If this difference exists on the building-block level of matter, how is your construction project being impacted if it's not being observed! 

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