Hines has engineered pumping systems for private estate clients as well as irrigation infrastructure for 10,000 acre master planned communities.  Our engineers approach each project with innovative thinking & technical depth in order to improve system operation, reduce operational costs, and minimize long-term maintenance requirements.  Our broad range of experience and knowledge base allows us to combine leading-edge equipment specification with unmatched quality and control, delivering exceptional value to our customers. 

Specific Services

Water Storage & Transfer

Capturing, storing, & utilizing a non-poptable water source can benefit a project in a multitude of ways.  As a recreation amenity, animal habitat, and vital water conservation resource, an optimally sized water storage lake can be critically important for site design development, water resource stewardship, and project cost feasibility.

An additional key consideration when utilizing a non-potable resource is developing a water quality treatment program to maintain a natural, holistic balance of aquatic life, beneficial bacteria, and plant life.  Hines Engineers provide a water quality treatment system to enhance a natural lake system lifecycle which vastly reduces longterm maintenance requirements & enhances the functionality of the irrigation system.

Master Planning & Distribution

The Master Planning process is an iterative, collaborative process which allows various key water resource management options proper consideration.  Working in concert with the project design team, Hines Engineers can develop & present viable options to deliver irrigation water across the project site.

Water Harvesting

Beneficial use of harvested water is an excellent resource for reducing or eliminating the use of potable water for irrigation.  However, several distinct challenges arise including; storage sizing, water quality treatment, & efficient system specification.  Typical non-potable water sources may include grey water, storm water, rain water, or water harvested from building cooling systems.  Through extensive project experience, research, and work with industry partners, Hines engineers have developed an excellent process for delivering cost effective, maintenance friendly, optimal performing water harvesting systems.

Pumping Systems

A well designed pump and filtration system is at the heart of a high performance, high efficiency irrigation system; saving electrical energy, reducing water use, extending irrigation infrastructure life, and reducing annual pump and irrigation system maintenance.  Let us help you add value to your next pump station project.

Water Feature Mechanical

Whether a park water play feature, decorative fountain, water wall, or stream feature, Hines Engineers have an impressive project history that utilizes a concept-through-bid-document design process that quickly identifies design approaches that meet project budgetary targets, as well as the client's aesthetic and operational goals for the feature.  We then provide a straight-forward water conserving mechanical design that utilizes cutting edge equipment, state-of-the-art lighting and control technology, and system enhancements that reduce long-term maintenance requirements.    


By properly engineering & sizing of water storage & distribution infrastructure we can ensure the most advantageous regional and site water conservation standards have been implemented, providing the client optimum capital cost savings.