Revolutionizing irrigation water engineering and management through whip-smart engineering, business hustle, and a love for the land.  At Hines we engineer Water First™.


Water is Expensive

Water is one of the top three costs in land development. Water security, scarcity and quality should guide project infrastructure planning. This is exactly how we start our projects.

Time is Precious

Your projects have deadlines, and time wasted is money squandered. We deliver projects efficiently and on time so that you can stay in the business of design and company building.

Cash is Limited

You can't argue with return on investment. We save our clients an average of 40% on upfront construction costs, keeping money in the bank or available for crucial investment.

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What does 30 years of Water First™ engineering do for you?

Over the past thirty years, Hines has evolved and grown as a business of responsive, experienced, qualified engineers and designers committed to delivering the highest quality irrigation system designs to our clients.  Hines is a proven, safe pair of hands you can trust to be on-time, in budget, and professional!  Our clients keep coming back to our dedicated team of creative engineers who, despite their pocket protectors, know how to have a good time.

Just because we have been around, we don't rest on our laurels.  Hines is obsessive about year-over-year improvement.  We consistently develop our tools and processes in planning, engineering and design to stay on the front-line of water conservation approaches, technology, and implementation to save our clients money, water, and time. 

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Hines went well beyond our expectations for designing an irrigation system. They did a complete analysis of site water resource planning, irrigation and management saving our water needs by over 50% and reducing our water costs by a commensurate amount. For over 20 years, Hines has designed superior irrigation systems for our company.

What should you look for in your irrigation and water resource partner?

Water is the life-blood of our world, supporting our communities, our families, and our landscapes.  Choose an engineering partner with the technical depth, financial acumen, and organization to steward your water asset and protect your world.

Developers trust Hines to manage water like the invaluable asset it is!  Our proprietary water planning dashboard gives our clients clear visibility around water cost, infrastructure, and development requirements.  Strategy saves.

Architects depend on Hines to implement engineering intelligence & cutting edge water management technologies on every project throughout the toughest climates in the county.  Our professional project management staff is on-time and in-budget, making our Architects heroes with their clients!

Institutions rely on Hines to develop ever-increasingly creative solutions to address portfolio-wide water system design and management challenges of the future.  Our on the ground engineering intelligence provides much needed innovation while supporting management and maintenance standards across a University, Healthcare or Corporate campus.

Municipalities partner with Hines year-over-year as a trusted on-call services provider.  We utilize a consistent, dependable process to implement site sustainable irrigation consulting services while supporting municipal code requirements and standards.

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We thought we knew a few things about water rights and development, we’ve been at this for three generations. Then Hines developed an extensive water resource plan that reduced our costs and usage by over 60%.  Water is expensive. This is just good business. The Hines team delivered a package of water services that was wiser and more creative than we could have ever imagined.
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You don't just buy our services, you buy our mission.

We're proud of the services we offer, but we find that services alone aren't enough. Without a mission that truly drives a business, services are left unchecked and don't improve over time. Our clients hire us again and again because we are guided by our incredible team and strong core values. See for yourself.

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Have you thought about your Water First™strategy lately?

Up to 70% of municipal water is used for irrigation and much of this water is wasted.  This is about so much more than just dropping sprinklers in the ground.  Hines is leading the largest water conservation initiative in the country through proper planning, engineering, and system management to reduce landscape water use by 40-60%, while enhancing the vibrant health of our landscapes.

Our complement of site water planning and engineering services provides a full service approach to long-term irrigation water system management.

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Average capital expense savings of a Hines certified design over a non-technical or design build approach. Turns out that applied science does make a difference.


Gallons of water per acre saved by utilizing a Hines Inc certified irrigation system design.  Water management made simple!


Dollars saved on water source development costs and tap fee reductions. It is a beautiful thing to see.

We love to work with Hines!  Their expertise, professionalism, & clear communication makes it possible for us to communicate vital water conservation & management issues to our Clients