Nice to meet you!  Water planners, engineers, horticulturalists, and designers.  We've managed to pack a lot of expertise onto one webpage and are continuing to expand.

Nate Hines  founder

Nate Hines


Jim Hines  technical director

Jim Hines

technical director

Matt Hall  principal - texas

Matt Hall

principal - texas

Tonia Ditzler  office manager

Tonia Ditzler

office manager

Ed Price  senior engineer

Ed Price

senior engineer

Matthew Ruggles  project manager

Matthew Ruggles

project manager

Edward Wranosky  project manager

Edward Wranosky

project manager

Greg Glasser  designer

Greg Glasser


Josh Borgmann  designer

Josh Borgmann


Ben Ireland  designer

Ben Ireland


Erin Crause  marketing

Erin Crause