If you can influence how 50% of Western Municipal Water is used, you should. And you should do it well with a team of leading industry partners.


Of municipal water in the Western United States is used for landscape irrigation.

How to waste 500,000 gallons

50% of all commercial properties overwater by 500,000 gallons per acre per year. This is expensive & environmentally unsustainable.


This is approximately how much happier you will be working with Hines! This could be directly related to the fact that this is how much we save our clients on water costs & irrigation system construction.


Water Planning

Hines Clients find that proper planning, engineering, & long-term stewardship saves significant capital investment while building better systems for tomorrow. Feasibility analysis, water source development, water resource engineering, site water balance preparation, & phased water purchase plans are created during this stage of a project.


Design Development & Master Planning

Project vision becomes reality during this phase of a project. This is where we test the detailed costs & engineering of the project plan. Hines engineers provide detailed, accurate master planning documents, cost estimates, & refine system feasibility for project ranging from to 10,000-acres. Regardless of project size, we find ways to save our Clients money, reduce water use, & greatly enhance landscape quality.


Infrastructure Design

Hines Civil, Ag, & Mechanical Engineers have incredible technical depth. Paired with extensive construction experience, Hines provides cost effective, robust, long-lasting infrastructure designs for water storage facilities, water treatment, pumping, distribution, & water feature mechanical systems. From our offices throughout the Western US, Hines staff is skilled working with surface water, irrigation ditch distributions systems, reclaimed water supplies, & groundwater.


Construction Document Preparation & Implementation

Working closely with leading design & consulting teams, Hines provides technically accurate system design documents, details, & specifications. Utilizing a variety of leading technology platforms to manage your water, a Hines certified design creates the platform to turn water from a liability into a long-term asset. On-site Construction Observation services ensure that your investment is realized during the construction process.


Water Management

Hines teams with industry leading Landscape Maintenance Contractors in each region in which we work to ensure that irrigation control system technology is programmed & utilized appropriately, that system repair & maintenance protocols are in place, & that property ownership has the tools to implement and monitor best practices for water conservation.



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